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Stand Out In The Crowd is a pre-funding campaign to help launch our revolutionary E3 Solution. This is breakthrough innovation using brain-based scientific techniques that enable our members to enhance their thought processing skills resulting in the ability to make wise and consistent financial decisions and related life choices. The cornerstone of our innovation and solutions architecture is the science of neuro-behavioral finance.

We provide our members with a holisic and personalized approach using our tools and services to craft an action plan that aligns with their core commitments, values, and life's purpose. We empower our members to take action to begin their journey on the pathway to success, all for only a $10 monthly subscription fee.

SpendSmart has a rich history, with a proven track record, of delivering award winning service in support of the underserved community. Please help us fund this great ongoing initiative, which has the potential to impact millions of people in the near future.


Stand Out In The Crowd Support Levels

Bronze Package Includes

DreamSmart Course            $100
• Annual Member Discount 20% 0ff

MoneTude App                       $12

Money, Science, Emotions
   and U - eBook

MoneTude Mentoring

Silver Package Includes

• Bronze Level package            $451


Money, Science, Emotions,
   and U - On-line Course



Gold Package Includes

• Silver Level Package             $951


"Your Best Life"
   Mentoring Session



*MoneTudes estimated delivery Late Q4 2015 / Early Q1 2016

Buy Bronze Level For $100

Buy Silver Level For $200

Buy Gold Level For $250

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