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How we can work together


SpendSmart.org provides innovative and flexible options on how we can work together, all centered around the unique goals and objectives of our clients.

1- Non-Profits

2- Corporations

3- Benefactors

Working in concert with other non-profit organization, we collaborate to align our offerings with the objective to provide the most robust solution and quality service the end client. 

Corporations have several ways they may choose to engage with us.  We can provide products, tools, and services to a corporation as part of their corporate benefits and wellness program offered to their employees, and in some cases to their customers.  Another method of engagement is as a community outreach program, providing scholarship's to community based organizations and special interest groups.

As a benefactor, there are a number of ways to support special interests and causes in your community or nationally.  We provide scholarship opportunities in the name of the benefactor to these causes and customize our offering to showcase their generosity.

Contact us directly to discuss the specifics of any option. We're here to help!